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June 2021: Emerson is spending the summer at the Hangar Theater in Ithaca, performing in shows such as the Little Mermaid (World Premier), Lost Girl, and Stoo's Martian American Gumbo. She loves spending the weekends at the Farmers markets and Waterfalls.


December 2020: Emerson has just finished playing Wendla in Spring Awakening at Syracuse University 


September 2019: Emerson started her first semester in the BFA musical theater program at Syracuse University. 

August 2019: Emerson just returned from 11 months on tour with Fiddler on the Roof playing Bielke. She enjoyed spreading this beautiful story all across the country. Highlights included performing on the Pantages stage in Los Angeles, getting to be the "duck master" of the Peabody Duck Parade in Memphis Tenessee, getting to go to Disneyland with her cast for the first time, and performing the show 312 times!


Tevye’s two youngest daughters: Danielle Allen as Shprintze and Emerson “Emmy” Glick  as Bielke had much smaller roles but they were equally fun to watch in the facial expression and movement department- CAHighways

 Danielle Allen’s Shprintze and Emerson Glick as Bielke were all spot-on- KRLD Radio

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